Make We Joy ( : Emily Lowe and the Eastern Michigan University Choir

        The Banqueting House: Emily Lowe and the Eastern Michigan University Choir

        And the White Rose is a Dove: Robert L. Harris and I Cantori

        Flute-Player:    Robert L. Harris and I Cantori 

        At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners:    Howard Swan and the Southern California

                Honor Choir.

        The Mystic Trumpeter:    K. Gene Simmonds and the Southern California Youth Chorale

        Overture for Orchestra:   Ruth Haroldson and the Whittier College Community Orchestra

        Nova,Nove, Ave Fit  ex Eva:   Stan Porter and the Cerritos College Madrigal Singers

        Suite for Flute Orchestra:   John Barcellona and the Southern California Flute Orchestra

        Sonata for Trombone and Piano:    Robert Marsteller

        Four Madrigals to Poems of James Joyce:    Gregg Smith Singers

        Celebration for an Orchestra:   Wayne Reinecke and the Rio Hondo Symphony


                                                    Performing Artists

                    Jean Gothold, Willliametta Spencer, Paul da Silva, Stephen Gothold, Roger Wagner,  Howard Swan, K. Gene Simmonds, Harold Wolf, Marni Nixon, Emily Lowe, Robert L. Harris.

        Joseph Rizzo, Marjorie Low, Frank Campo, Pierre Tagmann, MaryAlice Jessup, Al Jessup, Danilo  Lozano, Floyd Stancliff, Tom Axworthy, Joseph Stone, Charles Bruffy, Donn Weiss, Cynthia Libby Green,  Rodney Eichenberger, David Wilson, Peter Rutenberg, Jpnathan Talberg, William Hall.

                    Charlene Archibeque, Lorna Cooke daVaron, Alexandria Chorale,  John Barcellona, Jeannine   Wagner.



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